FAQ and contact

The easiest way to reach us is by e-mail, by phone +46(0)8274060 or by using the contact form below. If your are looking for a specific staff member, our contact information can be found in the staff section.

The following section will answer some of the most common inquiries.

I want to record an EP/album with my band. How much does it cost?

The time required, and thereby the end price is usually down to a few factors - how many tracks you are recording and how well you and/or the band have practiced. If you are doing a simple demo with less amount of post-processing and mixing work, we can have a recording and a mix done in about a day for one song. If you are recording live drums, several instruments and vocal parts then two days per song is a better approximation. Additionally, while our staff work quickly setting things up - recording several songs with the same setup will reduce the time used per song. Contact us with information about your project and we will give you an offer.

I want a fully produced record from my demo. How much does it cost?

This also largely comes down to the complexity of the arrangement. If your song is only to have piano and a vocal track it can be done within a day with great results. If you are looking for a typical pop record with drums, keyboards, additional instrumentation and advanced effects it can take up to a week. This is why you always have to contact us to get an offer on your specific project.

Can you help me finish up writing and arranging of a song?

Yes and we have done this for several of our clients. The possibility of this greatly depends on your type of music.

If i need a certain instrument, microphone or other equipment?

The studio offers the most common instruments - have a look at our studio A gear list. If you are looking for a certain kind of drum kit or a microphone we can usually work it out, if we are given notice of it in advance.

Do you offer lodging?

Unfortunately no. Our studio is located only a few minutes away from Stockholm central with several hotels and hostels nearby. Of course you can always check with us for recommendations.

How about internships?

Not at this time.

How do I find you?

Reflection Music is located at Krysshammarvägen 12A, Solna, Sweden and shares entrance with WestWood Music. 

By car or by foot: Follow this Google Maps link.

Parking is available on Krysshammarvägen right in front of the entrance. Additional spaces can also be found beneath on Armégatan, and along the entire Huvudstagatan.

Public transportation: Take the blue subway line towards Hjulsta or Akalla and get off at the Västra Skogen station. This station has only one exit, walk out and go straight forward across the square (Pressbyrån and Konsum on your right). Follow the road underneath the bigger street (Armévägen) and take a left to walk alongside Armévägen for about 400 meters. Take a right for huvudstagatan, then immediately a left for Krysshammarvägen.


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