Music production

We create full professional productions around your songs. We can work either for a set price or by signing a production deal with your label. You are welcome to send us your demo - do so via email, soundcloud or our facebook page.

Listen to songs produced, recorded and mixed by our team: (Non-Spotify users, click here)


Our team consists of experienced songwriters with several major label cuts on international artists. If you are an artist manager or label A&R looking for songs, don't hesitate to contact us. We can either place songs on artists directly, or set up sessions with our writers. 


If you already have a producer or if you're in a band that just needs the recording done right, you are welcome to rent the studio with with a technician or technician standby. All of our staff are trained professionals and we offer state-of-the-art acoustic space and equipment. 

A popular alternative for bands is to record some material at home and leave the more demanding processes (e.g drum/vocal recording and mixing) to us. This is a cost-effective way to get great results.

For a gear list, see the studios section of this site. Pricing is set on a per-day basis depending on your project we can do fixed pricing as well - contact us for an offer.


As technology becomes cheaper and more advanced, home recordings are a growing phenomenon. Great mixing however requires experience and purpose built control room with proper monitoring. You can join in the mixing process from the studio couch (you might learn a thing or two) or send the files to us for mixing. 

Pricing is set depending on the complexity of your song - contact us for an offer.

Music Video

Not only does our studio sound great, it also looks amazing on camera. YouTube clips of music performances are only increasing in popularity, and a great looking (and sounding) video is what will make you stand out from the crowd. The event of an afternoon with vocal recording, professional make-up and video shoot is also the perfect gift for anyone wanting to show off their talent to the world.

Price: 4990:- SEK (incl. VAT) with a pre-recorded karaoke instrumental track. 


We master audio for single or album releases on CD and digital formats, including the "mastered for iTunes" specification. 

Price 500:- SEK per song incl. VAT