Our facility currently holds one large mixing studio with adjacent live room, one smaller production studio with dual recording/editing suites and two production/songwriting rooms with a shared vocal booth. The complex also provides a large central lounge / hangout area with a TV and video games.



Built from the ground up in cooperation with Ingvar Öhman, head of industry-acclaimed INO AUDIO and GURU AUDIO - the studio offers world class acoustics, creative as well as relaxing atmosphere and high-end equipment. All of the studio rooms are built as floating constructions, free of solid touch from each other and the rest of the world.

The 30 sq control room is fitted with a custom hand-built monitoring system (also INO AUDIO) which results in a what we believe to be one of the finest listening environments in the country.

The 20 sq. live-end/dead-end recording room holds even the largest drum kits and provides an opportunity for realistic stereo recordings aside from the standard vocal booth sound.



15 sq. mixing/production room with two adjacent acoustically treated booths which can be used for either editing or recording. Studio B is currently sub-leased to an external partner.



10 sq. acoustically treated production/songwriting rooms nicely furnished and ideal for co-writing sessions. Both rooms share a vocal booth for recording. Studio C and D are currently sub-leased to an external partner.

Studio A equipment:


• Neumann TLM103

• AKG 480B omni and cardoid

• AKG C3000B

• Sennheiser 421

• AKG D112

• Behringer B5

• Shure SM57

• Shure SM58

• Roland DR-150A



• Apple Mac Pro 8-core

• Logic Pro

• RME Fireface 800

• Focusrite OctaPre

• Behringer Ultragain Pro-8

• Sony TC-399 Tape Recorder

• A total of 24 out, 4 in to the recording room


Control surfaces:

• Tascam US2400

• M-Audio Trigger Finger

• Emagic Logic Control

• Behringer BCR-2000



• Ibanez RT650

• Fender Stratocaster

• Fender Precision Bass

• Fender CD-60

• Fernandes

• Simon and Patrick Woodland Spruce

• Epiphone Les Paul Standard

• Privia PX100 Digitalpiano

• M-Audio Keystation 88es

• Novation K-station

• Alesis Nanobass

• Akai S5000

• Roland PC-180A

• Violin 1/1

• Yamaha Silent Violin

• Levin Mandolin

• Pearl trumset

• Various software instruments such as East West, Toontrack, Applied Acoustic, Reason/Record etc.

• Percussion (Shakers, Tamburine etc)



• ART Dual Levelar

• Samson S-Com Plus

• Alesis Microverb 3

• Behringer Virtualizer



• Ino Audio PR60

• Ino Profundus X-4 (sub)

• Behringer A500 x4

• AKG K66

• AKG K240

• Sony MDR-V150

• Sony MDR-V250

• Mackie Big Knob

• Behringer Pro-XL

• Art 406